What is it and how does it work?

Your colour consultation is a relaxed and enjoyable way to create beautiful paint colour schemes for your home. Whether you are overwhelmed by choice, looking to be more creative with colour or simply want someone to talk through your ideas with, your colour consultation will save you time, stress and umpteen unnecessary sample pots. Working together in your own home and using your ideas and style as a starting point; together we will create tailored colour palettes for any room in your house, even the tricky ones.

Choosing colours for a few rooms or for a whole house can be completely daunting. Chances are you have been planning this for a while, and you have lots of ideas; you may have saved a huge number of pictures on Pinterest and collected samples of tiles, kitchen doors, flooring and fabrics. How do you rationalise all of these ideas to come up with a cohesive scheme that works for the whole house? Or maybe, confronted with a blank canvas, you are completely at a loss as to where to start. Wouldn't it be lovely to take the stress out of making all of these decisions? Together we can create the home you will be proud to share with your family and friends.

All of the colours will be from the Farrow & Ball or Dulux palettes.

​Why choose me?

As an independent colour consultant, not tied to Farrow & Ball or any other paint manufacturer, the advice I give is impartial. The colour consultations are for a number of rooms or the whole house and are not based on an hourly rate. You will never feel rushed and we can take as much time as we need to ensure that we make the right choices. Attention to detail makes all the difference; we will look at all of the surfaces to be painted, not just the walls and ceilings, and pay particular attention to where one colour meets another.  The information you will receive after the consultation is highly detailed. My experience of working for the last 20 years in the interiors sector, including 7 years with Farrow & Ball, will enable me to work with your ideas, suggest alternatives and maybe even challenge you with ideas you haven't considered. Only by looking at all of the options can you decide on which one really works for you.

Who is the service for?

This service is available to anyone living within 10 miles of St Albans. If your house is currently being renovated the best time for the visit would be when the windows are installed and uncovered, and the walls are plastered, so we can see the light levels in each room. However visits can take place earlier if you need to make decisions before this time. As these are unusual times there are certain safety measures we will need to take: I will supply face masks, we will aim to keep 2 metres apart and ideally some of the windows and doors will be open.

How much does it cost?

For paint colour scheme suggestions for:

Any 4 rooms                           £200

Or all of the rooms of a -

1 to 3 bedroom house          £300

4 to 5 bedroom house          £350

It includes samples of each colour in your own bespoke colour fan, along with a paint schedule detailing which colour paint is for which surface.

How does it work?

There are three stages to your colour consultation:

​Pre-visit phone call to discuss:

  •       your project and your initial thoughts and ideas

  •       what to expect at your visit

  •       what you can do to prepare

Colour consultation visit:

  •       we will walk through each room, finding out your ideas, thoughts and aspirations

  •       I will suggest colour schemes based on your ideas and mine, taking into account            any furniture or furnishings that are staying, the light, features and purpose of the        room

  •       we will then discuss the suggested schemes until we find your ideal one

  •       we will work with paint colours from the Farrow & Ball & Dulux palettes


After the visit you will receive:

  •      a bespoke colour fan, containing swatches of all of your chosen colours

  •      a schedule detailing which colour paint is for which surface, with photos if                       appropriate

  •     a follow up email to check you are happy with the colours and answer any questions

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