What's in a Name.....

For my work I purchase a large number of tester pots from Dulux and paint them onto big pieces of card. No matter how hard I tried there were some colours that I just could not see any differences between. Slightly concerned that I was losing my touch, I phoned Dulux to find out more about these colours. They were in fact the same colour but with different names! Dulux use unique reference numbers for their colours but, over time, may re-launch these colours with different names. For example Night Jewels 4 has five other names. This would be fine if there was only one name listed in their current marketing materials or available on their website, but currently if you were to purchase roller testers from the Dulux website of Night Jewels 4, Concrete Grey and Wishing Well, you would be buying three identical colours. This is not the only example that I have come across. The customer service team at Dulux head office are exceptionally helpful and now I ring them before I order any samples to check that they are not duplicates of ones I already have.


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