2. Where can you find inspiration .....

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Where can you look, what can you use for inspiration?

Pinterest is a brilliant place to start looking for inspiration but it can be overwhelming. Try to look at as many different styles as possible and save all of the pictures that appeal to you. Spread the search over a few days or weeks rather than doing it all in one go, otherwise you may just focus on one idea. Do the same with magazines and cut out all of the photos that you like. Once you have your pictures saved, really analyse them. What is it that you like about the picture? Is there a common theme? Is it the colour, the layout, the style? This should help to focus your ideas on what you want the room to look like.

Is there anything in the room that you could use for inspiration? You may be lucky enough to have an architectural feature such as a stained glass window, or a marble fireplace. Or do you have a cushion, a beautiful fabric or piece of artwork that you love? This picture shows an upcycled chair which I purchased at a vintage market several years ago and I am using this for the inspiration for a bedroom.

Quite often we have to work around existing furniture, carpets or curtains so try and choose colours that work in harmony with those. If you know that you are going to replace them in the near future, then you can ignore them.


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