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Tickled Pink Colour Trends 2023

Colour Trends 2023

It is always tricky to try to predict what is going to happen in the future but, over the last couple of years, there has been a huge swing away from cool greys towards warmer, more nature inspired colours.

When I first started Tickled Pink Interiors in 2018 greys were hugely popular. They created a neutral background which worked well with pretty much any other accent colour. Or they were used to create a layered, tranquil feel to a home. Our lives were so busy and everywhere we looked we were bombarded with visual information; everything was bright, fast and loud. Greys were a perfect antidote, very restful for the eye to look at and a complete break from the information overload. People wanted to walk into their homes and instantly feel more relaxed.

Then the pandemic hit. People had already started to move towards the warmer grey tones but suddenly, as most of us were confined to our homes for large parts of the day, we started to question why our homes were grey. We wanted our homes to be more uplifting and cosier, but still relaxing. Nature inspired tones such as greens and warmer neutrals became more popular, and this trend will continue for the rest of the year.

In keeping with the nature theme, neutral colours have tended to be slightly green based e.g. School House White and Drop Cloth.

Colour Trends 2023

However this year, alongside the green neutrals, red based neutrals could start to make more of an appearance. I am confident that one of Farrow & Ball’s new colours introduced in 2022, Stirabout, (a warm, red based neutral), will be a firm favourite this year. In fact, three of Farrow & Ball's new colours could be classed as red based neutrals – Stirabout, Tailor Tack and Templeton Pink, all of which are beautiful colours and definitely worth a look.

Colour Trends 2023

Greens will also continue in their popularity, and Eddy, Whirlybird and Beverley, all introduced by Farrow & Ball in September, are ones to watch out for.

colour trends 2023

Although I think Green Smoke and French Gray will take some beating.

colour trends 2023

Blues have not gone out of fashion; Hague Blue and Stiffkey Blue are still well loved but I can see Selvedge and Wine Dark will both find their place this year.

colour trends 2023

Magenta, according to Pantone, is also one of the predicted trends for 2023.

Pantone describe it as:

“An unconventional shade for an unconventional time; Pantone’s Colour of The Year, Viva Magenta 18-750, vibrates with vim and vigour.” It is a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.”

colour trends 2023

(photo from Pantone website)

It is worth noting that this Pantone colour is not just for interiors but also includes colour in all its uses, such as fashion. Definitely last year bold pinks were very popular in ladies clothing. If it is used in interiors I can see it being more of an accent colour, maybe for furnishings or on a statement piece of furniture, rather than for a whole room. Having said that, one of my clients, who loves colour, has painted a ceiling in Lake Red, which is Farrow & & Ball's closest colour to Viva Magenta, and it looks amazing.

colour trends 2023

In case anyone is interested, probably the closest Dulux colour to Viva Magenta is Poison Apple, although it is not an exact match.

colour trends 2023

By contrast, Dulux have chosen a yellow shade for their colour of 2023.

The shade for 2023 is Wild Wonder™ – a positive, glowing tone, inspired by the natural world.”

colour trends 2023

(photo from Dulux website)

Yellows can be tricky; many people are still averse to using yellow based neutrals. A few years ago stronger yellows, such as India Yellow, were popular, especially when used in conjunction with strong blues. And recently more people have started taking an interest in brighter yellow accent colours. But personally, although I love yellow, I am not yet convinced by Wild Wonder. I can see it being useful in certain rooms, maybe a north facing, cold kitchen or bathroom but would probably not choose it for a living room. But this is personal choice; I don’t find it particularly uplifting in spite of the yellow tone.

Do I think yellow based neutrals will be used this year? Yes, I do. But mainly shades such as Dulux Timeless, or Farrow & Ball Wimborne White – soft, very subtle yellow tones to create a bright, uplifting feel.

Colour layering is the theme for 2023 according to Farrow & Ball’s Colour Curator Joa Studholme.

“Simple schemes of closely coloured layers will create the peaceful environment we all crave. Our homes have become our sanctuaries, so I think relaxed but sophisticated spaces will be popular this year.”

colour trends 2023

(photo from Farrow & Ball website)

I totally agree with Joa, clever layering of colours has been popular for some time and will continue to be so. Layering can easily be achieved by choosing colours from the same colour family or equally weighted colours from different colour families.

As far as trends go, colour layering, as already mentioned, will continue to be popular. Also I have noticed that people are interested in looking at brighter and bolder colour options and are thinking about introducing more colour into some rooms in their homes. This is not for everyone, but then that’s what I love about what I do; no two people are the same. Some people love colour and lots of it, and others love clever use of neutrals. Neither is right or wrong; they are just different.

Now is the difficult bit; choosing my colours for 2023.

It is almost impossible for me to just pick one colour so my predicted most popular Farrow & Ball colours are School House White and Stirabout for the neutrals, and Eddy, Beverly and Selvedge for the colours.

However, if I have to pick just one to sum up 2023, I think I will choose Eddy.

colour trends 2023

Walls and ceiling painted in Eddy, plant shelf painted in Beverley.

However, my main piece of advice for choosing colours for your home is to go with what you love, regardless of whether it is ‘on trend’ or not.

Your home, your colours, your way.


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