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Your Colour Consultation

Olwyn Grint, Colour Consultant

Your colour consultation is a relaxed and enjoyable way to create beautiful paint colour schemes for your home. 

Whether you are overwhelmed by choice, looking to be more creative with colour or simply want someone to talk through your ideas with, your colour consultation will save you time, stress and umpteen unnecessary sample pots. 

Working together in your own home, and using your ideas and style as a starting point; together we will create tailored colour palettes for your home.

There are three stages to your colour consultation

The first stage is a phone call. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your plans and for you to share your initial thoughts and ideas with me. This helps me to start to get a feel for you and your project.  I will also explain what you can do in advance of the colour consultation to ensure that you get the most out of it.

The second stage is the actual colour consultation, which takes place at the house being decorated or  renovated. I will bring over 300 large painted swatches of Farrow & Ball and Dulux colours with me. These swatches make it so much easier to see how the colours actually look in your room, rather than relying on the tiny squares on the colour chart. One room at a time, using the large colour swatches, we will discuss different schemes until we find your ideal one. The colours will be based on your ideas and mine, taking into account any furniture or furnishings that are staying, the light, features and purpose of the room. After we have chosen colour schemes for all of the rooms to be decorated, we will look at all of the colours together to review them, to ensure they work together to create a flow of colour throughout your home.

Finally, after the visit, you will receive a bespoke colour fan, containing painted swatches of all of your chosen colours, and a paint schedule detailing which colour paint is for which surface. Once you have had a chance to review your colour fan and schedule, you will receive a follow up email to answer any questions that you may have. This colour fan is also a brilliant tool to take with you when you go shopping for accessories for your home.

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Olwyn Grint, Colour Consultant

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Olwyn Grint, Colour Consultant

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